Cartoon HD APK Download (Latest Version) v3.0.3 for Android

Cartoon HD APK Download (Latest Version) v3.0.3 for Android, Buy Best Tablets

Cartoon HD Apk : Download Latest Version

Your completely free entertainment buddy

In a life bundled with stress, entertainment is a breather. With a busy, moving and fast world entertainment also doesn’t come easy. Televisions were a great mode of entertainment but the advent of technology brought mobile phones in our life. With mobile phones entertainment and fun is available on the go!

To aid that there are a limitless number of apps offering thousands of entertainment options to choose from. Netflix, Hotstar, Discovery, and many more are the well-known entertainment mobile applications and sites. While these offer great options to choose from, they are worth sums of money that you have to pay. In such a scenario, Cartoon HD Apk is the perfect app for you!

It gives all the features that Netflix and other visual entertainment sites have, and what’s more? Its completely free! Not many apps on the app market offer this kind of a utility for their user’s entertainment and convenience. Let’s dive a little deeper know more about this application.

Cartoon HD Apk Introduction

Cartoon HD APK Download (Latest Version) v3.0.3 for Android, Buy Best Tablets

Cartoon HD Apk is a video streaming application or Apk (Apk stands for Android Application Package). It offers movies, web series and TV shows to be watched live through streaming or by offline downloads. Cartoon HD Apk was released with its latest update on 10/29/2018. The latest update has its more advanced version, being the third version (v3.0.3). It is compatible with the Android and Apple App Store which are the most widely used operating systems in the world. It also works well on Windows.

The application has recently gained popularity and has become a trend due to the features and interface it offers. It is known to be the only video streaming app that offers HD quality videos even with slow and poor internet connections. The app has a cute logo of Tom and Jerry over blue background just in tune with its name which makes it so adorable! It is definitely a better option than your current movie streaming app as it has tons of features, is completely free and provides HD quality video streaming even with poor data connection which means uninterrupted entertainment! Here’s a list of some of the best features that it has:

  • It has a constantly updating database with newer and latest movies, web series and TV shows coming up frequently from the best sources all around the world.
  • A well-designed interface which is made with keeping the needs if the users in mind and that is easy to handle and simple to use.
  • It offers all its movies, web series and TV shows in HD quality for streaming and watching offline too.
  • It offers visual material in lower quality of 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p for slower connection and mobile phones with lesser memory.
  • It is a cross-platform software that works on multiple operating systems including Android, Apple and Windows too.
  • Cartoon HD Apk has a recent update that let’s stream and download movies, web series etc. in 3-dimentional (3D).
  • There always new and refreshing content available to watch because the developers keep updating and improving.
  • The movies and shows on Cartoon HD Apk are categorized into genres like Action, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Science fiction and many more so that they can be found easily to suit the current entertainment mood of the viewer and also this makes the layout organized and elegant.
  • The downloaded content is also offered in HD quality and it can be viewed or streamed without internet connection or when the mobile data is turned off.
  • The app also has a feature allowing to mirror the movies, web series and TV shows to your home television through supported interfaces Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast and Roku.
  • It also has a feature that let’s you request for new movies which are currently not available on the app from the settings menu.
  • The app offers collections of movies based on different criteria to select from and enjoy personalized entertainment. It also has a tab to save your favorites that you can watch or re-watch at a later date.
  • Cartoon HD apk also has a lot of good content for kids ranging from 3D Animated movies to Cartoon TV shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers etc.
  • It also has a kid’s mode so that your kids can have a safe and mature content free entertainment experience.
  • The app also has a feature that enables you to stream online and watch shows, movies, etc. when they are aired live through the platform.

In terms of comparison, it is a great alternative for other video-streaming apps like Showbox. The app is also known to be quite similar to another video streaming application called BeeTV. It also gives cut-throat competition to popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. and emerges out victorious with its ability to offer free movies.

This brings up the next topic of discussion, that being some of the drawbacks of the app. It was released in 2013 on the Apple App Store and since then has been all in trend. The app wasn’t officially launched on Google Play Store due to an illegality issue.

Why is Cartoon HD Not on Playstore ?

Since the app offers premium video streaming experience for free it is the primary cause for which Google did not approve to offer this app on the Google Play Store. Also, this goes against Google’s policy for apps in terms of Piracy done of Movies, Web Series and TV Shows. If you are an Android smartphone user fret not! It is possible to download the app on android mobile phones through browser and app market.

The app has been removed from all operating system app stores and from the app’s official website too, due to piracy related issues. It in necessary to take streaming and publishing rights for intellectual property like videos which is done by popular sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. Cartoon HD Apk does not indulge in taking any rights for streaming all the content it has therefore it violates Google’s policy for content publishers.

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This is the reason why Google does not permit Cartoon HD Apk on its platform for downloading. The app requires an android version above 4.0 to get installed and run. In my personal experience I found out that the app doesn’t function well on advanced versions of Android. Its best to know some of the downsides of Cartoon HD Apk if you are already using it or are going to. Here’s few:

  • The app isn’t available to download on Google Play Store due to issues that go against Google’s policies; but it can be downloaded through chrome or other browsers (It is not an illegal download, just an unauthorized one).
  • It does not function properly and is not well-adapted to higher and advanced Android versions like 10. Glitches and errors are frequently found while using it in these higher versions.
  • You will have to give permissions to unauthorized sources to be able to download this app on Android which has the potential risk of letting a virus enter your device.
  • The app is also not officially available on iOS devices. Either you need to have a jailbroken device or there a long list of procedure to be followed for installing this app and even after installing it, you might face a lot of issues like glitches, crashes and other weird stuff.
  • The videos when opened in the app for online streaming take too much time to load as well. It keeps on buffering for a long while without any progress.

Keeping few of these drawbacks aside, the app is a great option for unlimited and non-stop entertainment. The Cartoon HD Apk has a file size of 3.0 MB and it rated in its content for above 12+ age. Here’s a guide for downloading it.

How to Download Cartoon HD Apk Latest version

Since the app is not available officially on Google Play Store, you will have to find an alternate site through your browser that has a link to download the application package.

Make sure you find a trusted and secure site for downloading the app. While downloading, you will have to change your mobile settings allowing apps from unknown sources or the browser to be installed in your phone.

This can be done through the settings or an automatic notification box appears after you press the download button depending on your mobile phone model. When it is downloaded, you will have to grant access permissions for reading current mobile state then install and run the app. There you have it! Unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

How to Download Cartoon HD for iOS

For downloading the app on an iOS device, you will have to change the date of the device to 1st January 2014 or any date before that. Then you can download the app from any browser (Preferably the default Safari browser) on your device and then install and run the app. The app may not work on your device as this method is completely compatible for all iOS devices.

How to Download Cartoon HD for PC

For downloading it on your PC or desktop, you need to have an android emulator on your desktop. If you don’t have one then it is necessary to install. Bluestacks is an easy-to-use and recommended one for this. Download and install the Bluestacks player app and give it the necessary permissions. Launch the application on your desktop. Then download the Cartoon HD Apk file from your browser.

Go to the Bluestacks player app and select the ‘add apk file’ option. Then click on the Cartoon HD Apk downloaded file. The Bluestacks app will automatically install the Cartoon HD Apk and you will see the icon on the all apps section in Bluestacks. You are ready to enjoy non-stop entertainment on your desktop!

The app is not designed for Desktops but using this installation technique will provide you a hassle-free experience to using this app. While, this app is designed for on-the-go and easy entertainment experience, it will suit well to the needs of users having desktops and looking for entertainment options on the larger screen.

After successful install and video streaming you can also download and watch offline videos by selecting the download option beside the watch option in the app. Downloading the application on Firestick is also a relatively easier but elaborate and long process.

Talking more about the interface, I feel it could get a little more refined and updated with the menu options and search bar. Also, a better and detailed description about the movie or TV show would be very helpful to users. In the next update, I hope for a smoother and faster experience.

I Offer it an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars and 8 out of 10 votes. The app is only available in English language.

Overall, it is a great app to have for enjoying your favorite movies and shows anytime and anywhere in HD quality. The app also has alternatives like Media Lounge, Strix TV, Movies Buddy and CyberFlix.

Cartoon HD Apk is a safe and virus-free application but make sure that the source you use to download it is also safe. It contains some advertisements while loading videos. If you face issues, then check network connectivity or reinstall the app. In some cases, the app does work because it is not the latest version.

In such cases, you will have to manually update it. Users have reported that when the app receives permission it starts downloading unknown apps. In this circumstance, reinstall the app and read carefully before giving permissions. Also, be careful while clicking and opening any links. There have been no reported viruses after the usage of this app so there is nothing to a worrisome degree

In the Technological world, entertainment and fun also happen the technological style. Video streaming apps provides thousands of hours of entertainment at your fingertips but mostly they are paid. Cartoon HD Apk is a shining star here because it offers best quality video streaming for free.

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With so much to offer it is a must try option for kids, youth and adults alike. Hope this article was helpful and informative.

Watching cartoons, exploring a range of Tv shows and other entertainment programs are some of the most loved past time of all people irrespective of the age groups.

Everyone has their favorite list of cartoons, movies, and television shows that they will never get tired of watching.

Now to watch all of your favorite entertainment shows you can opt for some of the cartoon HD application that allows you to watch and enjoy all of your favorite entertainment shows in the specially designed application.

So in this article, I will be briefing you on what is cartoon HD and also some of the best cartoon HD alternatives that you can choose from.

What is Cartoon HD? 

Cartoon HD is an adorable application made for people who love exploring cartoons, movies, Tv shows, and other stuff for entertainment.

You can enjoy your favorite entertainments that are offered by Cartoon HD on your mobile phones and tablets.

This app has a cool feature of saving videos that you can watch it later on. It is a completely free platform that you can download and install on your Android devices only.

All you need to do to have access to this application is to sign up for Cartoon HD with your valid email address and then you can start streaming your favorites.

You can have access to plenty of entertainment stuff in this app and also you will be updated regularly for new stuff every week.

Cartoon HD is also best suited for kids as they watch their favorite cartoon shows anytime anywhere in the world.

Best Cartoon HD Alternatives

Even though Cartoon HD offers exceptional features there is still somethings lack in this application from the user’s perspective.

But you have many other applications that are very similar to Cartoon HD with almost the same and also more features.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ShowBox
  • Netflix
  • Just Watch
  • Amaze Kids

These are the best Cartoon HD alternatives that you can choose from. All of these above-mentioned applications have the same comfort and features that are offered by cartoon HD.

Amazon Prime Video 

Amon Prime Video is one of the most popular and massively used entertainment apps which was developed by Amazon Mobile LLC. It offers the users thousands of entertainment shows promising the users quality time.

Features Of Amazon Prime That makes It outstanding From it’s competitors 

  • Amazon Prime has a huge library of content to entertain its users and can be a great and worth competitor to some of the global applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu.
  • It displays thousands of movies and other shows that are available to stream on your device including full 4k quality for the selected titles.
  • Amazon has launched plenty of originals that can be streamed under the head of both the Amazon studios and other third-party studios.
  • In some of the selected countries, the service can be expanded to certain selected channels. Those channels include HBO, Showtime, Shudder, and more with no long term commitments.
  • Like most of the other streaming services, Amazon Prime can be hosted by connecting to your television, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and other connected devices through a remote server.
  • To stream this application on any of your devices, you will require a consistent internet connection. You can also download videos from this application and watch them later on.
  • You will be suggested the content that you like watching the most. Now and then you will be updated with new content for a none stop entertainment that you may be looking for.
  • Anyways you will need a higher speed of internet connections to support content in UHD (4K) but SD and HD content required lower internet speed requirements.
  • The following are the Internet requirements needed to stream content on Amazon Prime.
    •  5Mbstop– the minimum, required speed.
    • 1.5Mbps – the recommended speed.
    • 3.0Mbps – the recommended speed for SD streaming.
    • 5.0Mbps – the recommended speed for HD streaming.
    • 25Mbps – the recommended speed for UHD (4K) steaming.
  • You can also switch between any of the different screen qualities while you are streaming something without having to restart your stream.
  • The estimated data usage of Amazon is as follows; 38 GB per hour for good quality, 1.4 GB per hour for better quality, and 6.84 GB per hour for high quality.
  • Once you have got the paid version of Amazon, apart from Prime you will get access to free two days or less shipping, access to Prime Music, Twitch Prime, free kindle books, and more.


ShowBox is one of the popular movie and TV streaming application for Android mobile devices. It is esteemed is the only android application that allows users to watch HD videos for free.

The biggest boon in this app is that it categorizes all of its content separately into different categories such as new releases, most view, upcoming, on top of the list, etc which is highly helpful for the users.

Some of the features of ShowBox are as follows 

  • ShowBox is free of cost. You can watch all their movies, TV shows, and all other entertainment programs without having to pay even a single penny.
  • It is supported by almost, all the interfaces such as android, iOS, desktops without any hassle. It is by default supports the android and iPhone but you have to work a bit to make it work well with your PC.
  • This app allows you to stream your favorites through various streaming services. You can choose between an assortment of streaming services available.
  • Whenever there is a movie or which is available for free streaming this app will let you know with all the details.
  • This application has a very high user-friendly interface. You can easily surf and find out what you need to watch within no time.
  • When you are using the app you can find the popular and recent movies or shows on the homepage which makes it easier for the user to find out movies or shows that are worth watching.
  • While you are watching a movie you can navigate through the video through some of the simple controls.
  • You can also control the volume and modify the quality of your video in a single touch.
  •  There is a large database of movies or other shows that you need. You can find all the stuff you want right in one place.
  • All the movies and shows are properly arranged so that you can easily search for any of the content that you want from this larger database.
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Netflix is one of the most popular online platforms to watch all the top-notch movies and TV shows across the globe.

It is a web-based entertainment service that has huge stuff in all categories including movies, documentaries, films, action movies, humor movies, TV series, and so much more entertaining things.

Netflix features that you all must know before opting for it 

  • Netflix offers more original content which is so exciting to watch and created a huge interest in those movies and series.
  • Control of certain content can be done by creating multiple accounts separately for kids and other people. It has great stability in the parental control feature.
  • Everything you need is available in this app. Dramas, humor content, kids movies, etc are available. So you just not be bored with the same thing that you watch every time.
  • It has great device compatibility and offers excellent features for the users to enjoy.
  • With the subscription plan, you will be able to access more features. With the right subscription, you can enable multiple users to watch and stream movies and TV shows on multiple devices.
  • For all those who are extremes buffs of Netflix movies and shows then this feature will surely help you a lot.
  • With the ability to add your favorites into a folder with which you can create your watch list that holds up to 500 titles.
  • The rating system of this app is somewhat unique when compared to other applications. While you watch a particular video you can either click on the thumbs up or thumbs down button according to your preferences.
  • When you like some content then,  Netflix will suggest similar content that liked earlier.
  • While you are eagerly preparing yourself for the binge-watching session and you do not want such long intros then you can skip them with the ‘Skip Intro’ option that is available.

Just Watch 

Do you love non stop watching your favorite movies or TV shows? If yes, then Just Watch can be a great app for you.

Here you can stream so many movies and TV shows without any issues. Also, you have a wide range of options to choose from the large collections of content.

Some of the amazing features of Just Watch 

  • You can have access to Just Watch by signing in to their website or the applications that are specially designed for Android, iOS, and first TV devices.
  • It offers you a complete description of all the movies and TV shows.
  • That includes searching through a huge library and get to know what can be found where what quality resolution it is streaming right now, the cost of the movie or show, and all the available payment options, etc.
  • In the sea of movies and TV shows, it’s quite hard to find the exact stuff you want.
  • But here in this app, you can filter the needed content which is properly categorized in the following aspects such as movies, TV series, release years, genres, price, rating, and age rating.
  • Like all other above-mentioned apps, Just Watch also offers you the facility of creating a watch list that you can make for yourself.
  • Here on this application, you can find over 100 plus servers that are connected to it. Those servers include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (both rentals/purchases that are included in the Prime subscription).

Amaze Kids 

By the name of this application, you all might have guessed for whom is this app designed.

Amaze Kid is an app that is designed especially for kids to entertain with lots of fun videos from YouTube and also safeguard them against all the despised and unsuitable content.

As this app is specifically designed for kids the extent of parental controls are also higher. Parents can set timers for the screen time so that the kids won’t be spending too much time watching videos.

Exciting features of Amaze kids that are highly entertaining to all the kids 

  • Amaze Kids is absolutely free and it has huge collections of educational videos that are super effective for enhancing the knowledge of kids and also it is safer for them.
  • With this app, you can make learning fun by teaching your kids phonics, flashcards, and kids’ books and make them read aloud.
  • Even those concepts which are so much boring and sometimes not understandable can be learned in an exciting way possible over this app.
  • Apart from learning and educating your child, you can also make them engaged in creative activities like arts, crafts, DIYs, Yoga, dance, songs, sports, fitness videos, etc.
  • Added to that you can try and experiment with cool science activities.
  • This app possesses all those activities and events that make your kids learn all the necessary things that they need for their future.

So these are the best cartoon HD alternatives that you can opt for if you are looking for some other applications that can perform even better than cartoon HD.

All of the above-mentioned alternatives can give you the best as well as some drawbacks. Depending on your requirements choose the best app that makes your pass time fun-filled and a stress reliever.

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