Best LOW MB Games that Everyone Can Play & Enjoy

Playing games is something everyone likes to do and it is great entertainment. At pass times I know you all will be looking for something to play interesting so that you will not be bored. In some cases even if you are bored you will switch to some other games and this continues until you feel fulfilled.

So while talking about games some of you might be thinking of the outdoor or indoor games that you play physically. But I am not talking about that sort of game instead, I was talking about the games that you play on mobile phones or desktops or laptops or your tablets.

Most of you are addicted to playing games on your pass time or some of you play even at your work times. Just kidding this was my assumption! So most of you all will be wanting to play games but at the same time will not be having enough storage space on your device.

You all know the cause for these storage limitations or inadequacy. If you feel like you want to play games on your device but at the same time, you do not have such a huge device space then you have no other go, rather than opting for the games with low MB.

Low MB games? Will it be entertaining or boring? Does it yield the same level of user experience and quality? All of these questions strike your mind when discussing the low MB games.

It seems to somewhat discomfort you when you are used to playing those games with high MB. But as of now, you have no other options left rather get your hands on the lows MB games.

Do not panic you have a wide range of games at low MB to give it a try. In this article, I have listed some of the best low MB games that are worth trying and will be a great pass-time entertainer for all those of you who are damn addicted to playing games.

Best Low MB Games

As I have already briefed you on the things about the low MB games now I’ll be sharing with you all the best low MB games that will blow your minds and will be a great entertainer with almost no cost or demand for heavy storage space.

  • Mekorama
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • City Jump
  • Sky: Children Of The Light
  • Zombie Smasher
  • Devil Ninja 2
  • Chess

These are some of the best low MB games that stand so close to the top-rated games in the market. So stop worrying about all those issues you have with your internet pack or storage space limitations instead, go try out and enjoy these low MB games that I have mentioned above, and thank me later.


Mekorama is an excellent puzzle game that compels all the puzzle lovers to check this game once. Even though this game is low MB it has very good graphics and animations. As you all know puzzle games are always challenging and this Mekorama puzzle game is not the exception. This game is so interesting that does not make you feel bored.

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In this game, the player has to control a cute little robot and solve the puzzles vice versa. As you have the control of the robot and start to play you can go through all the upcoming levels. You can also create your own 3D dioramas with the game’s inbuilt diorama maker and you can even share these dioramas created by you with all of your friends all over the world. This can be really fun and exciting.

Mekorama puzzle game has a soothing soundtrack that does not irritate you while playing. This game to be played does not require an Internet connection which sounds good and helps a lot of people out there who do not have unlimited plan accessibility. The download size of this game is around 4.3 MB.

Tic Tac Toe 

Tic Tac Toe is one of the best games that everyone at least once in their lifetime has played. This game is super easy to play and is interesting too. Even though it is a retro-style game it is packed with so much fun. You can also play this game along with your friends.

Even though it is one of the basic games in this list but still it has a special place when it comes to the earlier version of games available in the market.

In a square grid of 5×5, the players have to fill up any of the 3 boxes either with X or Y whichever you choose for yourself. At the moment when you fill any of the three grids with your alphabet, you are considered to be a winner. You can either play this game with the computer or with any of your friends. The download size of this game is 1.9 MB

City Jump

City Jump as the name suggests you might be able to guess the plot of the game. Yes, you are right, City Jump is a jump and tap game where you are the hero and you have to jump and kill all your enemies and also the birds. This will give you the power to proceed further in the game. Killing three enemies at a single shot will give you some extra energy to reach the rooftops of the building even faster.

Also as you are the hero (player) of this game you must have the responsibility of saving your co characters from all the dangers which include enemies, birds, and all other obstacles. The player has to collect as many as points he/she can by killing the enemies and the birds to score high. By running day and night until you are tired makes you score more.

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Even City Jump is a low MB game it has nice graphics and animations and also it is easy to play and has flexible controls. The download size of this game is 3.9 MB.

Sky: Children Of The Light

A beautiful castle is waiting for your presence. Rush now to explore this tremendous kingdom game and start exploring more adventures. This game has amazing animations that will steal your heart. In this game, you have 7 realms of levels to be explored. This game is so serene and gives you a pleasant experience.

Another significant part of this game is that you can interact with all other players of this game worldwide. This builds a cordial relationship among the players and also you will get an opportunity to interact with new people. One more coolest aspect of this castle game is that you can customize the outfits of the characters in the way you want them to be. This perspective of the game is even more fun.

The game is designed as parts of a particular story and each of the upcoming levels are the continuation to conclude the story. This makes the players be on track and know what’s happening in the game without being confused or missing the plotline. As a whole, the Sky: Children Of The Light is a phenomenal low MB game that everyone must give a try.

Zombie Smasher  

Zombie Smasher can be an ideal game for all those of you who like playing thrilling games. This is also a well-established game in the market till today which makes this game to occupy a position on this list of best low MB games.

This game has three levels of play modes which include the story mode, survival mode, and time mode. You can switch between any of these three modes at any time you want. The plotline of this game is you must protect your houses and the town from being invaded by the Zombies and just tap your finger to kill the Zombies before it breaks your doors.

Also, there will be seven different breeds of Zombies (normal, dog, oil worker, timberman, ghost, baby, and fat boss) that you will face at each of the levels. All you need to do is to smash those Zombies and gain more points. Killing zombies is quite fun and interesting.

This game is so easy to play, all you need to do is to simply touch the Zombies to kill them and do not attack the kid’s surfers from the neighborhood. The player will also give some special power-ups and you must use them wisely whenever needed. Currently, this game has 60 levels and more levels are yet to come. The download size of this game is 4.3 MB.

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Devil Ninja 2  

Ninja games are on-trend nowadays. Kids especially love Ninja games for the fighting scenes and the unique style and stuff. This game is one of the popular and oldest games that everyone must have already heard about. Devil Ninja 2 is also one of the best low MB games that can perfectly match and meet your expectations.

In Devil Ninja 2 your character will be running none stop and that’s how the game goes on. All you have to do is to overcome all the obstacles that come your way and kill the enemies. For each of your successful actions, you will be getting rewards that help to boost your performance.

As the game continues and if you reach higher levels you will gain different powers to fight with your enemies. It has good animations. Also, the player will be having a leaderboard to check the performance himself in this game and also how the player is playing with the competitors. The download size of the game is 11 MB.


One of the most played and most popular and oldest games of all times is Chess. Nobody has come across without having heard about this game from your school till your adulthood. Most of you play Chess to enhance your thinking ability and to refresh your mind. Some play Chess as a hobby as it will make them relaxed.

This game also has many options including the undo move option or save the functions while you play. You can play this game as a multiplayer game with your friends and family. Also, this game has nice sound effects which will no longer need your attention to turn off the sound.

While playing this game you also get an assistant who will be assisting you throughout the game. The graphics are also so good in this game. Also, you can play this game from different camera angles so that you will get a better insight into the Chessboard while you play. The download size of this game is 2.7 MB.

Here comes the end of the article regarding the best low MB games that suits all your expectations. Do not hesitate to give a try to all of these games because you will be having a great experience with all of these games which stands equal to most of the top-rated games in the market.

Do not get worried because you do not have enough data pack or storage space on your device. Instead, think wisely and opt for the low MB games that will satisfy you equally as to the best games in the market with higher MBs. Give all of these games a try and for sure you will find the best one that you like.

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