Best Animation Apps for Tablet to Consider in 2021

The world is becoming more digital every day. Almost everything can be done on the internet, whether it is shopping or illustrations. With every space completely becoming digital, creative modes of expression also find release online. Digital arts and illustrations are becoming increasingly popular and act as very effective mediums to grab the attention of other people.

Animations are a great way of online communication, with its innovative approach and general appeal. It is a way of giving life to abstract concepts and characters which only exist in a person’s mind.

Animation is used in almost every space virtually, starting from creating animated television shows or a web series, to using animations for marketing purposes. Finding and choosing the correct animation app is a very integral part of the whole process as this process does require a particular skill set, which corresponds to a particular level of difficulty while maneuvering through the application.

The sheer number of applications available on the internet can be intimidating; however, this article enlists the best animation applications for both iOS and Apple users, including exploring applications that have different levels of difficulty. However, this list does not follow any particular order.

Best Apps for Tablets

Animation Desk


  • Simple user interface
  • Wide range of illustration tools
  • Various frames for animations

This application is a great option for people who are just starting in the digital creative space. Animation Desk has very useful tools for sketching, drawing as well as animating. The app provides users with multiple tools for creating their artwork. There are 46 different brushes; the variety of pencils can be adjusted further to provide more variations, opacity, and other features.

Detailed animations with intricate movements can be very easily created because of the 9 layers provided. Another added benefit of this application is that it allows the user to import files from other programs to work on them on the app.

The user interface is very simple and friendly, which makes it simple for the user to navigate around the app without any confusion. A noteworthy feature about this application is the fact that the animations can be created with a frame rate of up to twenty-four frames per second, which is a remarkable feature of this application.



  • Create cartoons with personal sketches
  • Simple process
  • Ideal for short animations

FlipaClip is ideal for those digital artists who always loved to draw and wanted to create their art by making short cartoons by adding illustrations. The frame by frame operation very easily helps create an illustration that runs for a short amount of time. The simplicity of operations is also an ideal aspect of the app.

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The user just has to create the desired number of pictures and place them in the accurate order; and the application will automatically create a cartoon out of it. Just changing a few options and placing the frames in order is all that is required to get a readymade illustration.

The illustrator can create videos with up to three animation layers, and using the onion skinning feature on the app, allows the user to create multiple frames for their animations. The overlay grid allows the user to add more effects to their animations.

Therefore, this app is a great choice for those users who would like to turn their digital artworks into animated illustrations.

Adobe Spark


  • Multiple pre-existing templates
  • Adding soundtrack
  • Easy synchronization between desktop and tablet

Creative inspiration is a very spontaneous and sudden process, where inspiration can strike at any moment. Although it is convenient to work from a large workspace on a desktop, where all the previous works are also stored, the Adobe Spark facilitates easy synchronization between the tablet and the desktop. This easy synch allows the illustrator to work on their next masterpiece whenever inspiration strikes while having access to their previous works also for references.

The user can import an image from the device or start off with one of the templates already available on the application. Adobe Spark also has this unique feature that allows the user to add a soundtrack to their animation, to go along with it.

The illustrators also have the option of creating slideshows or ad fonts from their wide range of professional fonts available to the user. This application is suited to fulfill the demands of users who are serious about animations on the go.



  • Suitable for children
  • Demonstrates principles of storytelling
  • Simple to use

Toontastic 3D is an application that is very suited to the creative needs of children. With this app, children can very easily create animate and thereby make stories of their own and get proficient in the field of storytelling while heightening their imaginative capabilities.

The user just has to press record and then move the characters which are already present on the screen. With the aid of a few games, the tale comes to life. After the completion of all the steps, the app itself weaves a story and presents a cartoon to the user.

Toontastic also allows the illustrator to share their creation with other people and on other platforms. This is an effective tool to teach children the proper use of language and develop their creative abilities too.

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The children can choose to make cartoons about the worlds of pirates, fairies, distant galaxies, and other imaginative spheres on the app. This app is not only a creative outlet but also a learning tool.

Animation Creator HD


  • Easy navigation
  • Improved brushes
  • Toolbar can remain open while editing

Animation Creator HD is a very powerful animation app which lets the user explore their creativity to the fullest. Their professional level art tools and supplies on the page present a very organized look and work space for the user. The brushes have been modified with advanced options and unique features such as the ink brush have been introduced.

For the illustrator’s convenience, the app has a separate tool for drawing lines and the audio manage also allows the user to add music very easily onto their animation. The toolbars are programmed in such a way that they can remain open even while the illustrator is editing the animation.

The animations that are being made can be viewed by the user right from the initiation of the process, right up to its completion. Along with importing videos and pictures from the device gallery, the app provides a quick jump feature, that swiftly and easily transitions from one slide to another while making the animations.

Thus, this application is a very professional level application that looks into almost every demand that an animator or illustrator might have to create their work efficiently.

StopMotion Recorder


  • Obtain videos from a time lapse of the subject
  • Simple user interface
  • Capture unlimited shots
  • Automatic and Manual Modes

StopMotion is one of the most established platforms online for creating animations. This technology is used in making cinemas even today, which is a sign of how useful and powerful this application is. The technology allows the user to create a video from the time lapse images of a particular subject.

The camera lens open up after the user starts the application, and switching to the automatic mode makes the work rather simple for the illustrator. After the mode has been set, the user has to select a frame capture interval. The app also provides the animator with seven skins to apply to make their subject more attractive.

In the manual mode, the user is presented with two more options; the grid and the shadow options, which are very convenient for manually clicking the different frames. After the required amount of shots has been clicked on either mode, the user can start the playback and see the masterpiece that he has created.

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In the automatic mode, the illustrator can also remove the unwanted shots from the whole reel, and even make the whole video play in reverse order.  Therefore, this app is truly one of the best animation apps out there.

LookSee Animator


  • Stop motion and time lapse animations
  • Full control over effects of animation
  • Remote access to previous animations

This popular animation application gives the user complete control over the animation. The user can create stop motion videos and time lapse videos on the LookSee Animator on the tab’s main camera as well as selfie cameras. All the effects of the animation such as the exposures, focus and balance and other features can all be manipulated and changed by the user.

The application also presents the user with the option to add in some special effects that already exist on the application. The proximity sensor, timer and motion detectors can also be used while pictures are being clicked for the animation. The simple process of clicking a button to click a picture is also possible on this app, along with the other modes.

A video can be converted into static pictures to use in other animations or canvases on this application. The best part about the application is the fact that the works of the users get saved on their profiles. Therefore, a user can have access to all their works remotely and at any time. A illustrator has complete control over their masterpiece on this application.



  • Easy animation of any artwork
  • Simple interface
  • Quick process

The StickDraw animator is an application which is suitable for any person who likes to scribble or doodle, but is not very proficient or experienced with digital art. On this app, the user is able to animate anything they create online, whether that is a stick figure or a squiggle or a doodle.

This app does not require any proper art skills or pictures. The user can create an animated short film by drawing anything that they can. This is one of the most popular modes of entertainment for novice animators. People who also just want to create animated short films as a hobby can also use this application for best results.

This list is a comprehensive one, listing out the best animation applications for tablets for different difficulty levels and purposes. Animating videos gives them a completely new look and appeal and a user can enjoy the benefits provided by any of these applications according to their preference, for the best results.

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