Best 8-inch Screen Tablets to Consider in 2021

Gadgets are considered one of the wonderful inventions, we have ever seen.  They prove to be our third hand in both professional and personal life.  They help us to play our roles even better in our workplace.  They modify us; they let us grow; they help us in our progress.  Even though using gadgets has some disadvantages in our health, it proves to be one of the indispensable things in our daily life.

We have a lot of unique options in gadgets from which we can choose what we like the best.  The different kinds of gadgets serve different purposes.  Some people use mobile phones for their work.  Some other people use desktops, laptops, or tablets to do their work.  Not only for work, but these gadgets have become essentials in the field of education too.

Though desktops and laptops are used by many people, tablets prove to be one of the most useful and exciting gadgets to use nowadays.  Here we can have an analysis of the usage of tablets, why should we use tablets, and what are the best 8-inch screen tablets available in the market.

What’s a 8 Inch Tablet ?

A tablet computer is a device that is commonly known as a tablet, that enables you to access its various features to make both your personal and professional life healthy.  A tablet consists of a mobile operating system, touchscreen facility, rechargeable battery, etc.,

Best Features of 8 Inch Tablets

As previously said, it has many features that are available on desktops and mobile phones.  The working structure of the tablet resembles that of a computer and a mobile phone.  It has many special features which enable the users to use it for presentations, to attend conference calls, to view emails, to browse through the internet, etc.,

The touch screen facility of the tablet enables us to access the feature of handwriting recognition and it also has the feature of allowing us to use a pen which is also known as a stylus that helps to use the touch screen effectively by pressing the tip of the pen on the screen of the tablet.

Tablets allow us to use them for various purposes which includes the facilities of

using it for making voice calls and video calls with the help of the internet.  Tablets also enable the option of using it to access WhatsApp.  Thus, we can use it as a mobile phone too.

Pros & Cons of 8 Inch Tablets

A coin has two sides likewise everything has its advantages and disadvantages.  We should check whether the pros can overcome the cons.  There many advantages to using a tablet. The portability of the tablet proves to be one of the prominent advantages which enables us to use it wherever we go.

The small size of the tablet allows us to accommodate in a small bag.  The touch screen of the tablet gives us a unique user experience.  It ensures to be the most comfortable environment for attending meetings and conference calls.  Another prominent advantage in switching over to tablets rather than desktops and laptops is that it is considerably available at low cost.

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It also has some disadvantages that it lacks access to a keyboard or a mouse.  Another disadvantage is that it is somewhat fragile.  But it has many advantages that overcome the disadvantages of using a tablet.

Usage of 8 Inch Tablets

Using tablets in schools helps the students to develop their technical skills.  It also proves to be one of the interesting ways to study through tablets.  It serves to be a kind of motivation for the students.  It also ensures the development of the creativity of the students.  It helps them to gain more knowledge.  Students find it exciting to study certain things through laptops if guided properly.

Using tablets in the office helps the users to conduct meetings, create and edit various documents, etc., It also helps to deal with the customers.  Since it has the advantage of giving access to the internet through Wi-Fi, it also helps to browse many things on the internet.

Using them in personal life also proves to be quite interesting.  We can listen to songs; we can view photos and videos; we can use them to watch movies etc., We can also use it as a mobile phone as it has the option to make voice calls and video calls through the internet.  We can also access social media through tablets. We can use WhatsApp on tablets.  One difference between a mobile and a tablet is that the screen of the tablet is a little bit bigger than that of a mobile.


There are many tablets with wonderful features available in the markets nowadays.  There are also many exciting offers available when it comes to online markets.  There are tablets available with many unique features and also at a considerable cost.  The size of the tablet matters a lot if we are going to get one.

The range of the size of the tablet starts from 7 inches.  The big-screen serves to be a promising visual treat for the users.  There are also some best 8-inch screen tablets in the market which is in the trend.  There are different types of tablets from different types of companies available at different costs.

The best 8-inch screen tablets are available from different brands such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., The above-mentioned brands are the top brands in the market.  These brands offer quality products to users.  They also have tablets with many unique features and also at an affordable range of prices.

One of the main advantages of using the online market is that we can view the image of the products and select which suits us.  There are also a variety of products with different range of prices; different types of colors; different types of features, etc., And also, they are delivered at our doorsteps safely and as quickly as possible.  Let’s have an analysis of some of the best 8-inch screen tablets available in the markets.

One of the best 8-inch screen tablets is from one of the top brands which are Samsung.  The tablet is 8-inch in size.  It has many exciting features.  The structure of the tablet has the features of wireless communication technology through Bluetooth, the camera of the tablet is set at both the front and the rear sides of the tablets.

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It is available in black color which is quite beautiful.  2GB RAM is installed on the tablet.  As a whole, it has all the features that are searched by the user when he/she strives to buy the best tablet available.

The screen is 8-inches in size.  It also has a 1280X800 resolution screen which provides us with a clear bright screen to watch movies, to view photos and videos, to read books, etc., It has the feature of having in-built storage of 32GB and it is also available with a 32GB micro SD card which allows us to store photos, videos, music, movies, apps, etc.,

It is also efficient in multi-tasking which is one of the main reasons for using tablets.  The screen is quite smooth and stunning.  The graphics are also extremely good.  When we strive to use the tablet as our mobile phone, one main feature we all look into is the quality of the camera available on the tablet.  The camera of this tablet is also good.

It has dual cameras with an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera with 1080p video recording which are quite significant for taking photos and videos and also for a face-to-face chat.

Another important feature a user will look into whenever he buys a tablet is the average battery life of the tablet.  This tablet has an average battery life of thirteen hours.  One striking advantage of using a tablet instead of a laptop is the weight.  A tablet weighs lesser when compared to a laptop.  The weight of this tablet is 6.4 ounces.

The tablet is available with other accessories of it which we need to use.  It consists of a pen which is also known as a stylus, a screen protector, a case, 32GB Micro SD card, etc., Hence, this product serves to be one of the best products available in the market.

Another wonderful product is available from another promising brand known as Fire.  This product has various features which makes it to be the best seller in the market.  This is also one of the best 8-inch screen tablets available in the market.  It is in the color of twilight blue which is quite pretty to have.  It is also available in three other wonderful colors such as black, plum, and white.

The product is available at two different ranges of storage capacity.  It is available with 32GB digital storage capacity and also available with 64 GB digital storage capacity.  The internal storage is 32 or 64 GB and it also consists of an SD card of 1TB storage capacity.

The case and the screen protector that come with the product protects the product from getting damaged or being spoilt.  The average battery life is for 12 hours and it also gets charged within 5 hours.  It also comes with a USB cable which enables easy charging.  It has a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor which is thirty percent faster when compared with other products.

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It also has a slim design and a built-in stand for us to view it hand-free, either in landscape mode or in portrait mode.

Here comes another best 8-inch screen tablet from another brand known as Lenovo.  It has a wireless Bluetooth communication facility.  It is in the color of slate black with dual cameras which are on both the rear and front sides of the tablet.  It has the Android 9 Pie Operating System for a quick and stunning performance.

The extremely wonderful high-resolution screen enables the users to watch movies, to view videos and photos more effectively as the high-resolution screen gives a sharp and bright vision.  This product seems to be the best when it comes to battery life.

It has a long-life-battery which enables the users to use the tablet all day long without getting the battery recharged.  This is possible because of the high capacity of the battery which is 5000mAh.  The flash memory size of the tablet is 2 GB.

There is a stunning product from a different brand called Vankyo.  The tablet is 8 inches in size.  It comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage capacity, dual camera, Android 9 Pie Operating System, etc., The display of the tablet is quite amazing as it has an IPS HD display.

The wireless communication facility of the tablet is in three different forms such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and FM.  It also has a GPS feature.  The tablet is quite light in weight of 0.7 pounds.  The small size of the tablet proves to be one of the promising features which enables the user to carry it in bags or even in back-pockets.  So, the user can carry it everywhere and at any time.

The battery’s capacity of 4000mAh allows the user to use the tablet for a solid period of 10 hours.  This Vankyo MatrixPad S8 8-inch Android proves to be one of the fabulous products available in the market.  The solid memory of the tablet also allows us to store all our precious and lovable moments as pictures and videos.

The quad-core processor of the tablet ensures the quick performance of the tablet as the delivery and the usage of the apps are quite fast in this product.  This tablet has a built-in GPS feature.  This particular feature helps us by guiding us throughout the journey.

Hence, it is clear that there are lots and lots of unique and useful features in tablets that are available for us in the markets.  We can get them at our doorstep if we want.  And also it is quite significant to note that time and again gadgets prove to be our companions who keep us engaged and also play an important role in our development in life.

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